Travel Immunisations and Advice

The world of Travel is more accessible to everyone and while it is easy to book a dream exotic holiday with a press of a few buttons, the responsible element of ensuring safety whilst abroad takes a little more time and effort.

Immunisation scedules can be complex and in order to ensure maximum protection, careful planning is necessary, not only for the vaccinations but to also cover the important travel advice associated with specific countries. This advice is always changing and so you cannot rely on last years advice, it needs to be up to date.

Furthermore, many people will not be aware that vaccines are not always available or they may be too late to receive a full course of vaccines. This is why  travel advice becomes all the more important!

So what should you do?

Book your holiday, get hold of your itinerary and book an appointment with as much advanced notice as possible but even if you are short on time it is still worth booking a Travel Clinic Appointment.

Our Doctor will take a detailed medical history and chart your Travel Health needs and advise you on a vaccination schedule.

 Please call for an update on availability before booking your appointment.

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