Dermal Filler & Botox


Botox From £115  Dermal Filler from £180

GP led Aesthetic Treatment. Trusted, Professional, Safe !

Facial Aesthetic Treatment is very popular but people contemplating treatment may have concerns. At Peachy Health, we have been administering Botox and Dermal Fillers (including Lip Filler) successfully for 9 years. We have lots of experience using the different types of Dermal Filler and are able to achieve great results.

We offer a Free consultation to discuss your requirements and to get your questions answered. We use a broad range of Dermal Fillers to suit requirements. Trusted Brands, for great results.

We offer a Price plan for Dermal Fillers and you only pay for one syringe at a time.

Botox treatment includes a 2 week review and Top Up. Call us for more information !

  • Botox one area £115

  • Botox two areas £180

  • Botox three areas £240

Please note men are subject to a 10% surcharge due to the amount of extra Botox they require.

Dermal Filler

  • First 1ml syringe  £180

  • Second 1ml syringe £135

  • Thrid 1ml Syringe £125

Prices for Dermal Filler relate to the same treatment cycle.


Botox for Hyperhidrosis £300


Lip fillers, call for a free consultation and price on Lip enhancement.