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Botulinum injections work for up to three months, after which the nerve endings recover and become active. Most people will notice an increase in movement just prior to or soon after this. We recommend repeat treatment every 12-16 weeks depending on your response and requirements.

Dermal Fillers are based on a substance that is found naturally in skin, called Hyaluronic Acid. It is safe, (when administered by a Qualified Practioner) and has a low allergy potential. Its job is to volumise the skin or lips and well as smoothing out wrinkles.

As with any procedure there are side effects and your Doctor will discuss treatment in more detail with you.

Bruising and swelling is the most common side effect with any facial aesthetic procedure involving a neddle or cannula. Not everyone bruises and we cannot guarantee no bruising but most bruises resolve within a week.

Your Doctor will discuss the less common and rare side effects of treatment with you. 

Manufactures state that fillers last anywhere between 6 to 9 months. Some individual may find the results go beyond this time frame. A lot has to do with skin type and requirements.

It is possible to get resistant to Botulinum injections, especially if you have it too often. If this happens a change of Botulinum Toxin is recommended or just a break. If there is a poor response to treatment, in my experience treatments become effective again after a break.

Immunity can happen but is rare!

Lip augmentation is popular and is safe if delivered by qualified practioners. There are risks involved and we would encourage you to book for a free consultation to discuss the procedure in more detail.

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